Solar Plants Transferring Off-Grid Areas in India

Government these days is actively promoting solar power plant development in India.  This is owing to the fact that solar powered water pumping projects offer a host of advantages and benefits in comparison to traditional method of electricity generation. They are cost-efficient, reliable and entail very little or no maintenance cost. Solar radiation is harnessed to provide clean energy to remote villages and locations that are not connected by electricity grid.

Solar power is no longer an expensive, experimental energy source and photovoltaics are now standard in many commercial, industrial and consumer applications. What makes solar projects more enticing is …

How Do Pulley And Valve Ease The Mechanical Work?

A pulley is a circular object, which is made from duty materials and is used in many applications. The most common ones include transmitting force, applying forces, guiding ropes, chain and belts or carrying things. It also features an axle which is installed to a brace or frame which allows the wheel to spin with complete freedom. Energo is such a very large Group that manufacture many mechanical devices like pulleys, valves etc. to meet the requirements of many industries.

There are many industries in India that cater to the requirements of mechanical parts which are needed either in India …

Prospects for EPC Contracting Companies in India

The EPC stands for engineering, procurement and construction and this sector in India is going to attract an increased amount of interest from international majors, Indian conglomerates. These were the salient markings of the global market and industry analyst Ernst and Young (EY) in its surveys based on Twelfth 5-Year Plan (2012-17). The findings that came out were purely focussed on the new trends, market inclinations and strategies that most EPC contracting companies in India adopt while making efforts to adapt to the challenges within the business.

EY has taken it into notice that the EPC bazaar in the nation …

Materials Management in Mining Industry

Infrastructure improvement is the talk of the day and no doubt, it is a must. Thus the aspects of power and steel gain utmost prominence and both these entities involve the activities of mining.

Mining of coal and lignite to feed the thermal power plants and also iron and bauxite other ores for the steel and allied metallurgical industries, have a major role in infrastructure.

Thus those engaged in mining material handling systems in India are very crucial in this highly capital and labour intensive sector and will continue to do so for all times to come.

The most important …

Turnkey Engineering Spells Development

When we discuss socio-economic topics like progress and development, the first aspect that crops up is energy or in other words, electricity.

Generation of power is through various means and the most conventional ones have been hydro (harnessing force of water flow) and thermal (coal, lignite or gas fired boilers) to run the huge dynamos.

The other sources are solar and wind (considered to be eco-friendly) as well as nuclear reactors.

All these modes of power generation involve numerous technical facilities and assorted inputs. For optimum utilisation of thermal power plants, there should be regular supply of coal that is …

Conveyor Systems ensure safety at mining sites

During the ‘Global Mining Summit’ held at Kolkata in 2012, the findings of a joint vital survey on the Mining Sector compiled jointly by the country’s apex forum, Confederation of Indian Industry and the global consultant major, McKinsey revealed encouraging facts.

This report disclosed that if the potential is tapped to the optimum, the metals and mining sector can contribute to the national exchequer to the tune of 150 billion US dollars by 2020. The Indian mining sector plays a pivotal role in the country’s infrastructure and economy. Currently, in terms of resources on the global front, India ranks second …

RLA ensures safety of Thermal Systems

In the defence services, annual medical examination including dental check-up and preventive vaccination are mandatory for all the uniformed personnel. So much so, in the Indian Air Force, during 60s and early 70s, every airman and officer used to have a tiny sized book of individual health record which indeed happened to be a ready reckoner during medical tests of categorisation, particularly for those from the flying branch. Certainly, it could be in vogue even today.

Likewise, for the aircraft and almost every other operational equipment there are logs which denote the status in the context of numerous functional factors. …

Viable Thermal Power Project in South India

The global concept of EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) has been widely accepted by leading Indian consultant companies which are engaged in turnkey projects of core sectors. By and large, these core sectors are in the segment of infrastructure like building of roads and network of railways, thermal power stations, steel plants, ports as well as hospitals, houses for the masses and schools in the social sector. Several Indian EPC companies have even taken a lead to emerge as FEED (Front End Engineering Design) contractors right from the stage of preparing and submitting feasibility reports.

For instance, among the EPC

Factors of Success in Infrastructure Projects

Consequent to the full thrust lent by the Indian government to the projects of infrastructure, hectic activities are being witnessed in the arenas of mining, construction of roads and ports, setting up of power, steel plants and heavy engineering units among others. In this context, to a great extent, the mining sector plays a pivotal role.

The coal and lignite mines provide the fuel for the thermal power stations and steel plants while the iron and mica ore mines cater to the inputs for the industries engaged in metallurgical industry including exports. To this list one may also add the …

Idler in Conveyor is Wheel of Progress!

Undoubtedly, one can term the wheel be the greatest invention by the mankind. This in turn has resulted in numerous applications and one among them is the conveyor belt, also known as the belt conveyor. It is an engineering marvel dating back to the 19th century, based on two or more pulleys, often named drums. This was conceptualised and invented to transport coal, ore and other products. And today, apart from mining sites, it has innumerable applications. Thus this technology has witnessed great strides in the base material right from fibre ropes to steel, rubber, synthetic and modular belting …